Had another stellar Saturday night movie classic watching experience, from which I would like to propose the following costumes for a ListApp Halloween:
  1. Every cast member in THE SOUND OF MUSIC.
  2. Sign up like this, via suggestions - @vp Capt. Von Trapp
  3. You may also request a costume be assigned to you, like this: @dave Marta. Or @dev Rolf.
  4. (I know 6 months out seems a bit early, but @carolineduncan needs some time to fit everyone and procure all these costumes.)
  5. Almost forgot: all will be zombies. Except maybe the Nazis.
  6. I want to be Liesel!!
    Suggested by @mandi
  7. I look young enough to play Gretl or Marta, so I'm down
    Suggested by @MirandaBerman
  8. I call the Baroness
    Suggested by @desijed
  9. @eatthelove Kurt
  10. @Abby Maria
  11. @chelseanachman Brigitta AF
  12. Still available: Mother Abbess, Friedrich, Max, Franz the butler, whatshername the housekeeper, the drapes, other nuns, whiskers on kittens, etc.