If you're like me, you find Australians fun/amusing/HAWT. Here's where to give yourself an Aussie pick-me-up.
  1. Ruby's
    This teeny tiny speck of a cafe in NYC's NoLiTa (Mulberry @ Prince/Spring) has great Aussie food (yes, that's a thing) and a steady stream of Aussie expats. Drop in for a heartfelt "good on ya" and stay for the salad that has pumpkin in it. It would be rude not to.
  2. Eveleigh
    This restaurant in West Hollywood's Sunset Plaza is sexy and usually chock-a-bloc with boisterous Aussies. The wood is rough-hewn and the hair is surfie. Try the shishito peppers (but be warned that half the time they're not yet ripe and therefore hot as Cairns in January. Ask your server.)
  3. Commissary
    Hesitant to add any more people to my Fairfax District (as the TV news stations like to call it) neighborhood coffee hang, but no list of this sort would be complete without noting this apparent satellite consulate just for Aussie models. I mean, fuck. No faces like dropped pies to be found here. Hit the patio before noon unless you like shade (I mean actual lack of sunlight, the people are still soi noice.)
  4. Flat White
    You're in London and need a bit of sun, son? Go to Flat White and try the grilled Haloumi with the eponymous coffee. From the first "how ya goin' mate?" to the last "cheers," this place feels like Bondi without the backpackers.
  5. AiF
    Australians in Film offers tons of screenings and other networking opps in LA (NY said to be coming), membership available to Aussies and the people who love them. Heaps of free beer and wine at all events. They also co-host the Australian Academy Awards, appropriately called the AACTAs. Fair Dinkum.
  6. Outback Steakhouse
    Psych! The two Tampa guys who started that place are still quite proud that they never even visited Australia in the first umpteen years the chain was open. Whether you're a bloke or a Sheila, you can skip it unless you need a toilet near 23rd & 6th (and Olive Garden is closed for a private event.)
  7. Target
    Did you know they sell TimTams™? Yup. Landmark Cinemas used to as well, and maybe they still do, but I've stopped checking ever since I bought a package that expired two years earlier. Stick to the original flavo(u)r.
  8. My friend P's Hut
    Literally my mate Aussie Paul's house. You'll be in De Beauvoir, Hackney, London N1, but it might as well be Brisbane. Just wander around and listen for the K-Jams karaoke being scream-sung, you'll find it. (Powderfinger and Les Miz get more love than Men at Work, but you do you.)