Inspired by @rightordoyle's excellent Fashion Cafe list
  1. Arnold
    Days after his "only" son Patrick was born, came into PH D.C. With Maria and her cousin, made a lap talking to every table, and asked a staff member (whose name rhymes with P.V.) to escort said cousin to merch shop and "get one of everything for my boy."
  2. Bruce
    Played harmonica at every opening he was able to attend, asked staff members if they were getting enough sleep.
  3. Sly
    Posed with every staff member with famous Rocky punch pose. At least twice.
  4. Demi
    Looked at staff members, sometimes winked.
  5. Roseanne/Tom Arnold
    May not have been actual owners, but well, same for all of the above. Ordered two of every dessert, a la mode, and sometimes ate some of them in the restaurant, laughing loudly and providing glee to the staff by osmosis.