In the interest of full disclosure, I worked for the Clintons in the 90s, so I am a true believer. But I also like to write some jokes, so...
  1. George Clooney
    Totally serious. Unbeatable ticket.
  2. Sonia Sotomayor
    Again, this would be a dream ticket, as much as we need her on the S.Ct.
  3. David Miscavige
    Obviously knows how to get some crazy shit done.
  4. Tom Cruise
    Does what he's told.
  5. Flo from Progressive
    Most recognized Vice President ever, good at pointing out savings for the country.
  6. The Hollyway Cleaners Guy
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    Small business owner(?), trending on ListApp
  7. Jackie of Jackie nails
    Suggested by @dave
  8. Amal Alamuddin
    Think we could all ignore the natural born citizenship caveat for her... Or at the very least she'll be the brains and beauty behind Clinton/Clooney
    Suggested by @willadoor
  9. Bill Clinton
    Suggested by @BergerWorld