I'm sitting on a bench. Listening. And listing.
  1. "Thomas, stop. STOP!"
    Thomas is about 3 and is riding a tiny Razor-type scooter. He stopped, and declared "I'm at the corner." He wasn't.
  2. "I don't even think that's a reference point."
    Two college age guys wearing shorts.
  3. "The Dutch were really good at farming or whatever."
    Either a tour guide or a family member with a deep passion for the founding of New Amsterdam (1625), pointing out elements of the City of New York seal that's printed behind the department of sanitation grade (A) on the coffee shop behind me.
  4. "You could be in South Africa."
    Two 30's guys wearing backpacks.
  5. "Mama... mama..."
    Another toddler, this one trying to get her dad (or maybe the man who's paid to push her stroller) to take the sippy cup. When "mama," tried, she said, "NO." Kids... amiright?