After acquainting through @dave circa 2007 in New York, @jansonebwoodlee and I truly attained friendship in 2013 when we were both living in Los Angeles. I ghosted back to NY at the end of that year, and he moved to Austin sometime after that; I haven't seen his punim or heard his phonation in person since then.
  1. When I walk into a bar that's playing a song by Solange, as happened tonight.
    He suggested we take in the younger Ms. Knowles's concert at House of Blues once upon a time. Life changer.
  2. When he disappears for days from the three-way text party-line @dave and I have with him.
    Even though we know he'll return with the wittiest reply and stories from his virtual walkabout.
  3. When he will be invited to, but decline to attend, my eventual wedding to a ListApper we both have our eyes on.
    We shall leave it at that. Speculation welcome but will be neither confirmed nor denied.
  4. When I see a Jeep Wrangler, hear the word "boxy," smell Baltimore, feel feelings, or taste coffee at Commissary.
  5. When Rob Schmitt anchors the noon news on NBC4 or posts a banal pic on Insta.
  6. When someone invokes Sarah McLachlan's magnum opus, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, as also happened tonight, during a film q&a(?!)
  7. Days that end in y.