Honor system / pay it forward / venmo?
  1. Gogo inflight monthly wifi password
    Inspired by @EricElkins recent list
  2. HBO Go/Now
    Or any cable-powered apps
  3. Mailbox/Virtual doorman at an expensive West Village Malboxes Etc (even though they're not called that anymore)
    Which means we could also split Amazon Prime
  4. Netflix / Hulu
  5. Bottle of booze at one of those bars where they let you keep "your" bottle there
  6. Citibike fob when you'll be away / broke your foot / only like to bike in Autumn
  7. Pied(s) a terre
  8. (Or maybe I should just get married?)
  9. Couches, spare beds, and cocktails in cities of residence.
    Open invitation here in Denver...
    Suggested by @EricElkins