Even if I wouldn't have normally been attracted to their appearance or age (30s)... This list culled from just those I've matched with; I know I've righped some even better ones, but Still Alice?
  1. Pou
    Sometimes I think I'm too old/busy to come up with clever nicknames for someone. This one is BYON.
  2. Leandro
    I'm good at trilling an r.
  3. Noé
    Any name that ends with an accented vowel is a swipe right on sight.
  4. Ev
    East village? Short for Evan? Let's find out.
  5. Pabs
    Middle name Blu, last name Ribbo. I hope.
  6. Sunny
    Come home.
  7. Jean-Luc
    International Coffee commercials of the early 90s weren't lost on me.
  8. Konnor
    Had a great professor who once pointed to the prevalence of nonsensically misspelled businesses in the south as evidence of subliminal pandering to the KKK. Krispy Kreme, Kash N Karry, King Kullen (ok that one's on Long Island and spelled correctly, but there are more.) Anyway, I'd like to grill this lad on why the K.
  9. Märtinš
    This isn't even complete, but I can't find the way to make that little dot under the n appear.
  10. Amelia
    Totally a dude.
  11. Piotr
  12. Rhoe
  13. Henk