Most of my drafts are super navel-gazey, but I love the idea of draft week (@john). This draft is from way back, but the last item just came in this weekend. #soproud
  1. The charming captain of an alien spaceship
  2. The neighbor who eats all your cereal
  3. The empath who feels for you, and you, and you... And it's a lot of fucking work.
  4. So lascivious
  5. The American House
  6. Strong inner child / too young
  7. Creepy
  8. "On one final note...I never thought I would say this, but this is the one and only script I have ever read that incorporated fart jokes in an entertaining manner. It's hard to explain, but somehow the writer makes the lowbrow humor work, which is a testament to their talent." (shared credit)
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