You asked for it @HydeYourLunch
  1. Cross my legs like a gentleman
    Or a lady if I'm feeling chilly or particularly self-soothing
  2. Chain swab
    Average of 10 Q-Tips® a day
  3. Drink ridiculous amounts of water
    and do not replace the Brita filter within six months of when it should be replaced
  4. In New York, like all of us I'm rarely alone except at home, so I sit in silence while I use my phone to do anything work/Internet related.
  5. In LA or anywhere else, like all of us I am less frequently around many other people (driving, working at home), so I always have television, Facebook, YouTube and/or music on. Usually and, not or.
  6. In gym steam room, open towel and act like I'm in ancient Rome, all the while humming or running lines or a monologue.
  7. Not masturbate. J/K
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