My work is my lame excuse for the sad progress but I hope to be fluent in 5 languages in the next 5 years
  1. Hindi
    I got it from my mama
  2. English
    Preschool and beyond. Almost all school curriculum in India is based in English unlike some stereotypes
  3. Spanish
    Took classes for about 2 years at the Instituto Cervantes. I use Duolingo for a refresh. (Excellent app for people trying to learn a new language at their own time)
  4. Mandarin
    Beginner classes. Probably one of the toughest to grasp, actually learnt more being around some of my friends
  5. Korean
    Korean TV series and kpop. Don't know how I got into it but it's extremely addictive and an excellent way to understand the language
  6. ASL- American Sign Language
    Self taught through Dr Bill's YouTube tutorials or I truly believe we all should understand and use it as a way of expression
  7. ...