From a writer's perspective, of course.
  1. Turning the bad into good.
    Yes, I got hit by a car going 20 mph and I tried to walk it off. Yes, I hit my nose on the metal playground while trying to impress my crush when I was drunk. This will make the best scene in my book or a good chapter in my memoir.
  2. Getting to really know someone.
    Dark past? We love it. Embarrassing story? Do tell more. And please, don't leave out any details.
  3. Being the problem solver in a group project.
    We're always coming up with new ideas. Especially when the first draft turns out to be utter complete sh**.
  4. Being a note taker.
    Whether it's using a pen or a MacBook, hand cramps don't exist. I mean, they do. It's like kryptonite to Superman. But we persevere and shake it off like Taylor Swift told us to.
  5. Writing essays for just about any class.
    You need a 3,000 word essay about Marie de France? You got it. We know lots of words. We will take such a simple sentence and string it out as much as we can to get to that goal.