Through relationships and the journey to find my true self.
  1. Ruby Sparks.
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    Brilliant screenplay written by @zoe that continues to inspire me in so many ways. This film has a powerful way of showing you the flip side of love when someone forgets that a relationship is made of two individuals that change over time.
  2. 5 to 7
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    Screenplay written by Victor Levin that has the most amazing quotes to live by. You can't help but feel a bit more wise when it comes to love because you have just lived through the characters in just less than two hours.
  3. Obvious Child
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    Screenplay by Gillian Robespierre that made me both laugh and tear up because I related to the story on so many levels. Also when you find yourself having a chain of unfortunate events the best thing you can do is joke about it and move forward.
  4. Save the Date
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    Film written by the talented Jeffrey Brown, Michael Mohan, and Egan Reich. People getting married, people breaking up, people becoming single and being afraid to fall in love. It's relatable now and it will be relatable years from now.