Do you feel fucked over by your education? I do! Here's a list of just a few of the things I wish I had known
  1. Your college might offer in state tuition for out of state students, but the chances of you getting it are slim to none
    Fat chance, and they know that's what you want, that's why they make you think you can have it, so you are more likely to make them your first choice
  2. Apply to more scholarships than you originally thought you needed to because you'll underestimate how much it costs. By a long shot.
    And tuition will go up, each year.
  3. Get a part time job as early as you can! I know school is stressful but it can help you manage your time better. Campus jobs are great for people without cars and are incredibly manageable as well as pretty easy work. You will not regret having the extra money
    There is nothing wrong with food service and the people who tell you otherwise would be crying without their inexpensive food that they don't even have to tip for.
  4. Just because it looks like you have money from your financial aid refund does not mean it's actual money in your bank! It's nice to have that spending money but it's not your money and if you spend it, you'll have to likely pay it back and then some!
    This is especially bad for people who don't have good money management skills and seeing money in their bank account starts to burn a hole in their pocket. Unfortunately you will probably need this money later for rent when you're not living in a dorm
  5. Unfortunately, not knowing your major right away or right after you start taking classes will seriously screw you over. I hate that the system works this way, but it does, and the average student is staying in college for 5 years while the university's capitalizing that.
    My university didn't require students to go to a course counseling meeting not because they believed in our independence, but because they were banking that students like me would be indecisive. It was a blessing and a curse that I graduated in 4 years.
  6. It can be a bitch to get classes to transfer
    "You gave your someone else?!? Now we're gonna have to make this difficult for you."
  7. Your university will get you to come there by offering you a ton of money and grants. They will then proceed to stop giving money away after freshman year.
    Well, it was nice while it lasted...
  8. You will probably have to take out a loan unless you are extremely lucky financially and don't need to worry about debt, etc. but my friend. SHOP AROUND FOR YOUR LOANS!
    That interest rate and debt will follow you for many, many years after graduation. Having a high interest rate is very, very bad, and unfortunately very difficult to get around
  9. It is perfectly okay to go to community college out of high school. It is way more affordable and you get the same education. People say it's easier, but they probably say that because they only take one or two in the summer between semesters at university
    Which brings me to my next point
  10. Try to take gen Ed classes as early as possible. Do what I did and take them every summer, including the summer after high school
    Do your future self a favor. Get the classes out of the way
  11. Plan your class schedule with EXTREME care. Think about every factor and take everything into account: waking up, time for meals or to pick up meals to eat in class, how hard the classes are, work schedule, free time, allotment for homework, relationship time, and the classes that you have no choice but to take that semester
    These things aren't easy to balance. If you don't think you can handle 15+ credits, DON'T TRY TO!!! I have fallen victim to the mindset of "I'm going to take 16 credits, all of which are very difficult and time consuming classes, in the name of trying to save money by graduating on time." In the end, everyone I've seen who attempted this ended up losing money because they did poorly in the classes. If you can, take 12 credits!!
  12. Your university is a business before it is a school.
    Their first concern is money, always.
  13. Take advantage of everything your university offers!! Not because it's free, but because you pay for it by default when you attend, and you won't be able to use it when you leave.
    aka, GO TO THE GYM! It's okay to cry when your student id expires too. the discounts were so just so good.
  14. Beware that if you study abroad, even the most inexpensive programs will end up costing thousands that you might not have
    It's worth it if you have the privilege of doing so
  15. Don't live in a dorm if you can help it!
    Even the cheapest dorm is extremely expensive when compared to the cost of living at a cheap off campus apartment. If you can take the bus or drive, do so! The closer you live to campus, the more expensive it will be for you to live there. You pay for convenience.