A lot of this might not be possible for everyone, but maybe some of these could help penny pinching kids out there. This is particularly helpful if you're real poor
  1. I've cut and dyed my own hair since I was 15
    It didn't always look amazing but it didn't look too bad either. A lot of hair styles are very easy to do yourself. A hand mirror to see the back is useful. But when you can afford to, you should have a professional do it! They need money in their pockets
  2. If you get your period, use a menstrual cup
    It cost a little at first and it was an adjustment, but after a few months it's paid for itself!! One of the best investments I've made
  3. Go commando !
    Might be a little tmi but I do this probably as often as possible. the less you wear your underwear, the less often you will have to throw away old undies or buy new ones as well as reduce the loads of laundry you do. Plus, your crotch needs to breathe sometimes!
  4. Get basic clothes at thrift stores
    I could pay exorbitant amounts of money for super trendy overalls or vintage jeans or a basic black trench, or I could get something just as good that already exists for way less at the thrift store . Putting together a stylish wardrobe usually consists of pairing basic pieces with statement pieces. If you're lucky, you can find your statement item at a thrift store too
  5. If you can, eat free food at work
    I work in food service and I eat food at work. Restaurant or fast food isn't the healthiest, but it puts food in your belly which ultimately results in less groceries that need to be bought.
  6. Shop. At. ALDI.
    ALDI is one of the most inexpensive grocery stores out there, and they carry nearly all of the same products as their counterpart and sister company trader joes
  7. Walk everywhere and take public transport if you can
    I don't have a car and I don't live in a city, so I walk everywhere, and probably save quite a bit doing so