Leslie Moonves on battling Netflix, the coming original-content bubble, and 20 years at CBS: http://vult.re/1ibeV8o.
  1. "It’s almost like the ratings on Zoo don’t matter as much because I’m getting paid in a lot of different ways."
  2. "The revolution is happening, and it’s happening quicker than people thought it would."
  3. "I don’t think there’s anything on HBO that gets watched by more people than The Good Wife. House of Cards? It’s a brilliant show. It’s not watched by as many people who watch The Good Wife. "
  4. "We do terrific shows. For CBS to adapt [to the times]? That’s totally the wrong word."
  5. "Serialized shows are more valuable than they use to be. Scandal still is very valuable, more valuable than before. I’ll take an NCIS over that any day, in terms of absolute viability in the world. "
  6. "The reason I like Code Black? I think it’s the best medical show since ER."
  7. "What’s great about being here 20 years, I’ve gotten to be involved with some of the greatest things that ever happened in news and sports and cable and broadcasting. I’m a programmer. I like content."
  8. "There are too many places doing original content. I don’t know how people are going to find them."
  9. "There’s no way some of these services can support, financially, doing what they’re doing."
  10. "I’m not going to discuss it." - On whether Brian Williams pitched himself for David Letterman's job
  11. "Washington should stay the heck out of our way. They have no place in these discussions. The key is what does the consumer want to watch, and what’s the level at which they want to pay. "
  12. "The advertiser is our main judge and jury."
  13. "The FCC is starting to realize that a 10 o’clock show on CBS, or a 10 o’clock show on a basic-cable network like USA and TNT, is sort of the same thing now."
  14. "Does the news division make a profit? Yes. Is it a large profit? No."
  15. "To this day, my office in Black Rock is William Paley’s office. And I still think every day I go into that office that this is really cool. History and legacy mean a lot to me."
  16. "It was prickly at first." - on his relationship with David Letterman
  17. "Yes, I can be tough at times when I want something. But I think people know that I’m pretty fair."
  18. "By the way, this wasn’t a great year for casting on Big Brother."
  19. "Look, CBS is the old-fashioned network. It was when I got here, and it’ll be here when I leave."
  20. "The number of low points has really been rather minimal. Thousands of good days compared to some bad days. It was exciting then. It remains exciting now."