How twisty are these twists, really? Will anything live up to the standard set by The Sixth Sense? To keep things fair, we eliminated movies that he made that don’t include a hoary surprise ending, and ended up with this ranking from worst to best.
  1. The Sixth Sense (1999)
    The Twist: Surprise, Bruce Willis! You’re actually dead! That’s why your wife is ignoring you. Haley Joel Osment, somehow, is actually right.
  2. Signs (2002)
    The Twist: There isn’t one! That’s the twist — there’s no twist. It’s your standard crop-circle-alien-invasion narrative.
  3. Unbreakable (2000)
    The Twist: David is (maybe) a superhero and Elijah is his arch-nemesis, a man who perpetrated terrible crimes — including the train accident that helped David realize what he was — in order to bring them together.
  4. The Village (2004)
    The Twist: It’s not the 19th century, and the villagers are being held captive as part of some weird social experiment by the chief Elder, who’s actually an American history professor. The only “monster” that’s beyond the walls is modern society, huzzah!
  5. Lady in the Water (2006)
    The Twist: Technically none, unless you count the fact that the marijuana-fueled ramblings of a self-important director that never should have left his dream journal got made into a film.
  6. The Happening (2008)
    The Twist: Instead of bioterrorism or anything that makes a modicum of sense, the real enemy here is Mother Nature. The plants are the enemy. Kill the plants before they kill you.