I am a connoisseur of sleep - anytime, anywhere. These things make sleep even better than it is:
  1. Heating pad
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    I recommend the Thermacare lower back heat wrap. It velcroes around your waist and creates a cozy cocoon of warmth.
  2. Room temperature - 60 degrees or less
    The cool room only increases the pleasure from the heat wrap
  3. Eye mask
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    I love the feeling of slipping the eye mask on and snuggling down into the covers. The best type of eye mask has little indentations over your eyes. This way, your eye movement won't get disturbed by the pressure of a mask.
  4. Plenty of pillows
    I have three pillows I use. The one against my headboard is very firm and full. I never sleep on it. I use it when I'm sitting up and reading in bed. The middle pillow is filled with down and is designed for a side sleeper. The pillow in front of that is down filled and designed for a stomach sleeper. I alternate between the pillows depending on what feels comfortable.
  5. Cotton sheets
    It is all about the softness against your skin. I recently got some wonderful sheets at Costco. 500 thread count supima cotton. Oh so soft.
  6. Down comforter
    Adjust the fill count depending on how cold your room gets
  7. White noise app
    It is free and there are several sounds to help keep you in a sleep state. I prefer to fall asleep to "waves on a beach."