I make this list at the request of my sister, Holly. It is important to clarify that this list only applies to Disneyland, NOT California Adventure. That is another list for another time.
  1. Churro - Obviously
  2. Big dill pickle - Gotta get some veggies and probiotics to offset the other foods you will eat all day.
  3. Mint julep - So refreshing and you feel so southern WHILE IN DISNEYLAND. How does that happen?
  4. Mini M&M and caramel covered pretzel - my newest obsession
  5. Lunch should be the fried chicken meal at the Plaza Inn - it seems aggressive. So much chicken. Mashed potatoes in the middle of the day? But I've learned from Holly, it gives you sustenance to keep going. And it tastes GOOD.
  6. Dinner SHOULD be clam chowder in a bread bowl in Orleans Square but they did away with the clam chowder and replaced it with gumbo. BOO on that.
  7. Candy of the day - you should always check what it is and if it doesn't look great, get yourself a caramel apple or chocolate dipped marshmallow on a stick.