Kids are gone, no work. I'm stoked! This is how I spent my day!
  1. Coffee in bed while doing a mini-facial with an "energizing and brightening" sheet mask.
  2. Watched two episodes of Below Deck in bed.
    It's been really difficult to get out of bed!
  3. Took a shower and did a great job shaving my legs.
    I really took my time. Did a great exfoliation job with my Fresh sugar scrub. I
  4. Got ready while listening to Adele's new album.
    Some thoughts - how does a person sharpen Nars eye pencils without having the shadow part fall out of the pencil? And that I'm loving Adele's new album and I can't wait to learn all the songs so I can sing them in the car.
  5. Headed out to add Adele to my iPod and found dog diarrhea all over the kitchen.
    So gross. Had to turn off Adele while cleaning.
  6. Drove to movie theater to watch Hunger Games.
    On my way there, appreciating the fact that my outfit today is cute but incognito. Black tunic, black leggings, and a poncho to cuddle up with at the theater. I'm feeling like a suburban spy.
  7. Arrive at the dine-in theater and people are taking shots at 11 am.
    I ordered popcorn with butter, peanut M&ms and a diet Dr Pepper
  8. The movie was so good.
  9. Went to Target to pick up the 50 percent off toy of the day.
    A kid's trampoline was half off today. I wanted to get it for my daughter's Christmas present, but I couldn't find it and didn't want to deal with asking about it so I left.
  10. Drove home, ate a burrito with sour cream and jalapeño poblano chalula sauce.
  11. Took a two-hour nap
  12. Made a blue apron meal while listening to Andy Cohen's show on Sirius on demand.
    So obsessed with Radio Andy. Everyone should be listening to @andycohen
  13. Hubby and kids got home.
    We had a great dinner while listening to Adele and Taylor Swift in the background.
  14. Kids to bed
  15. It was a great day!!