I, like many other people in this world, am obsessed with Madonna. I have spent many hours studying Madonna's tour DVDs, in extreme pleasure. I now rank them in order of their greatness.
  1. Confessions Tour - Madonna just had it all together on this tour. Her shit was tight. It was fun and took your breath away. This was the pinnacle of the tour DVDs.
  2. Truth or Dare - a classic. This was the true beginning of reality TV.
  3. I'm Going to Tell You a Secret, Reinvention World Tour - Her classic songs remixed and given new life. What really stood out to me, however, was her relationship with Guy. In their scenes together, you could actually see her lessening her true self for him. When I saw this, I knew they would never last. He wasn't man enough to handle her.
  4. Drowned World Tour - The tour that delineated her career between putting on concerts to putting on works of performance art.
  5. MDNA Tour - This was an angry tour. She was PISSED and hurt and left it all on the stage.
  6. Sticky and Sweet Tour - this was just a fun and entertaining show.
  7. The Girlie Show (Live from Down Under)
  8. Ciao Italia, The Who's that Girl Tour