Dim sum is so delicious. Sometimes you don't always get ALL the dishes you hope for. If these listed below all come around on the cart, you have had a successful dim sum experience.
  1. Har gow
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  2. Chiu-chao fan gow (steamed dumpling with pork, shrimp, peanuts)
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  3. Pork siu mai
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  4. Chive dumplings
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  5. Steamed BBQ pork buns
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  6. Sesame balls
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  7. Shanghai soup dumplings
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  8. Custard bun
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  9. Potstickers
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  10. Glazed walnut prawns
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  11. Sesame chicken
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  12. Fried eggplant with tofu
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  13. Fried pork dumpling
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