Highlights From Easter Weekend

pretty much everything I did this weekend
  1. Unexpected hug from Cené
  2. My stand up set got big laughs
    Got a video too. Hasn't been sent to me yet. Can't wait to review and post it! (Too Narcissistic?)
  3. Reading about / falling in ❤️ w Montaigne
    New favorite / only favorite philosopher who doesn't fear death (it feels just like falling asleep. comfortable. easy.) The "James Brown of the 1580's"
  4. Joined Art Collective HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE
    Seems like a great group of white dudes (needs more diversity) and I have a lot to offer them. They're very excited about my participation. Good fit!
  5. FaceTime with Granddaddy and relatives
    Republican Aunt Ruth asked who I was voting for. Jeez! Straight to the point! I danced around it.
  6. Experienced current gen VR for 1st time
    Went flying with seagulls over whales! Basic, but cool and fun! I'm hoping to begin building VR art from 2D productivity APIs soon with HIAC
  7. Alex Napping Show at the ABGB w great company
    Music was great. Met with my half cousin Palmer and his girlfriend. They're great and relatively new to town! Erica and I got to hang.
  8. Chiropractic adjustment on a Saturday!
    Had bad shoulder pain. Randomly found a chiro place open on the weekend! Rare! Cheap too!
  9. Post-show Cuban food and Mojitos w standups
  10. Women in Comedy / Sexual Harassment in Improv Roundtable
    poorly attended, but otherwise a good discussion
  11. Catching up on Hoarce and Pete and Girls!
    singing along to the hoarce and pete theme! lena dunham dance scene!
  12. Folding Socks
    Seriously. Meditative
  13. Working out with (friend) Kale
    Chest day 💪
  14. Finished Patience by Daniel Clowes
  15. Listening to Analyze Phish Podcast
  16. Ordered some fun stuff in the mail
    Jason Molina t-shirt and RISK Legacy