This list is a bit of a personal pick me up. A concerted effort to focus on the positive
  1. Someone laughed hard at something I said this morning
  2. Talked to Pat Dean last night for the first time. His nice-guy rep seems well deserved. He laughed hard at something I said.
  3. Breakfast Tacos without waiting in line
    bacon avocado beans & potato egg and cheese
  4. Unexpected spontaneous dinner date last night with a friend
    Spicy 🍆 Pizza, good company
  5. Plans with Elif tomorrow
  6. Added Saint Germain - Sure Thing as a placeholder song to my video game (very good)
    Thanks for using it in a sketch years ago, Matt Shepard
  7. Decided Pinback - Loro is a better placeholder song and Loro might be a fun thing to call the game
    makes me think of Merwan :)
  8. Reading a bit of a book about Vic Chesnutt called Don't Suck, Don't Die
  9. Excited to listen to a bunch of Vic Chesnutt when I'm not listening to podcasts
  10. Intellectually stimulated by Sword and Scales podcast describing death row procedure and Malcom Gladwell's podcast about driver error explaining unintended acceleration
    S&S: Texas last meal requests were ended when someone requested a ton of stuff and refused to eat any of it. MG: They're pressing the gas but they think it's the breaks!
  11. Charmed by a kid's book about Donald Trump
    by Michael Ian Black. very Seussian. Worry we're laughing about something very dangerous
  12. People (not me) are practicing improv in my house right now
    Happy my home is a comfortable gathering place filled with laughs. I'm very lucky to live there
  13. Looking forward to my Stool Pigeon show tomorrow night!
    830 Coldtowne
  14. Cecca keeps inviting me to Portland
    (Will get up there sometime this year)
  15. Ordered New T-Shirts from Das Monk
    freshen my style