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  1. Trying to get people to buy things
  2. Judging everyone who walks by me
  3. Complaining about something usually
    Mostly how little we get paid.
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The following are notes to myself about why I shouldn't buy things
  1. Perfume
    You don't need the full size of every perfume by all your favorite celebrities, especially when you have two full size bottles of a few of them. It doesn't matter how good they smell. Just stop. Especially with the gift sets that you don't use the lotion or body wash or whatever comes with it.
  2. $8 sandwiches
    It doesn't matter how good the sandwich is,you don't need a fancy sandwich every day just stop that sandwich costs a whole hour of working.
  3. Lotion
    You could literally moisturize the entirety of your city at least one but probably a few times.
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Even if no one else does.
  1. Rick Astley's song "Never gonna give you up"
    Rick roll me more!!!!!!! I love to be Rick rolled!!!!!
  2. The Kardashians
    Not the Jenners though I hate that entire side of the family. Kim, kourtney and Khloe for life. But mostly kourtney let's be honest.
  3. Phineas and ferb
    Why is it literally the best show ever?
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Just so you know there's not a single song on this album that I will skip but I do have my favorites.
  1. # 16 "Wonderland"
    I just feel eh about it.
  2. #15 "I Know Places"
    Just not my favorite.
  3. #14 "Shake It Off"
    Overplayed but still a jam.
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  1. #10 - "Style" by Taylor Swift
    It's so underrated
  2. #9 "Dangerous Woman visual 1" by Ariana Grande
    Um, it's incredible and if you watch it you'll understand
  3. #8 "Breaking Up" by Charli XCX
    Charli is one of my favorite people ever and this video is perfect.
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  1. My mom
    I know it's cliche but I love my mom and she's been a great mom and she really inspires me to work hard even if I'm not always thrilled with the situation I'm in
  2. Selena Gomez
    She has always really inspired me with her positive outlook and her ability to be strong and powerful and confident
  3. Debby Ryan
    I met @Debby in a little meet and greet over the past summer and there was a little Q&A and although I've always been so inspired by her, learning how strongly she believed in herself and music and how she didn't take it lightly at all really inspired me to much. She's an incredible woman and such a blessing. I also know that she's struggled and conquered a lot and I adore her so much.
In other words, if I spent less time on the internet.
  1. I would read more books
    I read at least one a month but I wish I read more there are so many books I can't wait to read
  2. I would go to small concerts for local bands again
    This also has to do wit my work schedule
  3. I would listen to more new music
    I just like listening to the 20 artists, or the same song on repeat for a week
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  1. Zootopia
    It was so good you have to see it.
  2. Babies
    They're just so cute and fat ones are the best
  3. A really odd piece of performance art
    It really spoke to me for whatever reason
  4. An eyelash in my eye
    The crying was helpful here
If you would ever like to hear me talk about any of these subjects for 4+ hours I can definitely do it.
  1. Carly Rae Jepsen
    She is so incredible I can't even begin to explain it.
  2. Phineas and ferb
    Honestly the best cartoon to ever grace your TV set.
  3. The music video for "style" by Taylor swift
    And that song in general it just didn't get the respect it deserved.
  4. The kardashians
    Kim, kourtney and Khloe only though tbh because the Jenner side of that family is a damn mess.
  1. Forget to make lists
  2. Typos