I've been to a lot of concerts. They are my absolute favorite thing. This list might not be all of them.
  1. Fifth Harmony
    Ice seen fifth harmony 3 times, and one time I met them, and one time I met @Debby and it was awesome. They always put on an amazing show.
  2. Taylor Swift
    I saw Taylor swift twice in September 2015, the days leading up to my twentieth birthday. I can't explain how incredible she is honestly.
  3. Marina and the Diamonds
    I saw her with two of my really great friends that I met on the Internet, and it was incredible to meet my friends and share such a great experience getting to meet my friends in person and also see one of my favorite artists live.
  4. Selena Gomez
    I've seen Selena Gomez twice. Both times with my little sister who adores Selena more than anything (except maybe fifth harmony). Selena is honestly one of the absolute best performers I have ever witnessed. She also has really fantastic hair.
  5. Katy Perry
    I saw her prismatic world tour and honestly it was spectacular.
  6. Alabama Shakes
    I love Alabama shakes. That was a really fantastic concert. Father John Misty opened for them and he was great.
  7. Lana Del Rey
    Lana is one of my all time favorite artists so it was a dream to her live. Grimes opened for her and instantly become a favorite of mine as well.
  8. Demi Lovato
    I've seen her twice and both times have been great. I actually even got to meet her the last time I saw her. It was so great for me to be able to thank her for all the things she's done to help me.
  9. The chainsmokers
    Tbh one of the worst experiences of my life, even though electronic music, the concerts and people at them just really aren't my scene.
  10. Ariana Grande
    Ariana is incredible I went to Chicago to see her and it was freezing but totally worth it she astounded me.