In 2016, my one and only New Years resolution was to drink more water, and so far I've kept this resolution and I'm proud of it, even if it is stupid.
  1. My health app on my iPhone has honestly been the best thing
  2. I input the approximate amount of water I drink in ounces every time I finish a glass/cup/bottle
  3. It's made me very competitive and people make fun of me for trying to guess or discern how many ounces a cup at a restaurant holds
    Competition with myself always makes for a great outcome tbh.
  4. I honesty just crave water now
    I never set out to stop drinking soda and I didn't, but I rarely crave it anymore. I drink tea, especially at work since I literally sell tea, but still I mostly just want to drink water.
  5. I can tell a difference in how I feel and it's really great.
    I didn't lose 100 pounds or anything, I mean that wasn't my goal at all, but I genuinely feel better and I can't see myself really changing my relationship with water again.