I'm allergic to probably at least 50% of shampoos and other sudsing beauty products out there and my mom recently suggested I use beer because she heard about it on a podcast or something. The results are great, honestly, but it can take some time getting used to so here's a few things you can expect.
  1. You forget that because beer is a thin liquid you can't just pour it in your hand
  2. You accidentally pour out most of the bottle
    It's liquid you idiot.
  3. You accidentally knock the bottle over and there's no cap so it's game over
    The first time I went to use the beer as shampoo I knocked it off the counter before I even got in the shower (I wasn't drinking I swear).
  4. The beer is cold on your head
    It becomes invigorating feeling but at first it's just weird.
  5. There's no bubbles
    Sorry friends, beer doesn't have any unnecessary foaming agents (which are harmful and I'm allergic)
  6. It kind of just runs through your hair
    Again, it's liquid.
  7. You accidentally use the whole bottle
    Sometimes it's hard to tell if your hair is clean if you don't get that nice foamy thing going on in your hair so you just keep going.
  8. You get tangles
    You might not want to stop using conditioner, at least some times. Beer is actually known to have reparative properties for your hair but the alcohol can dry your hair out a little use a hoot leave in conditioner at least.
  9. You get used to it
    It might not be for you, but if it is you'll know because you'll like the results. The process is very different from using a traditional shampoo, but once you get used to it you'll love the weightless volume you get from beer. You'll probably putting less harmful chemicals on your skin and in your hair so good for you!