I love beauty products (I include self care products such as soap in this by the way). I can't use a lot of beauty products but that's okay.
  1. Dr bronners pure Castile soap
    Any scent works for me. This soap has few ingredients and it's great. The fewer ingredients in things the better I feel normally.
  2. Devonne by Demi skincare
    I literally won't use anything else. I was skeptical when Demi lovato made a skincare line at first, but I went ahead and tried because I'm a big fan of Demi, and I haven't used anything else since.
  3. Face masks
    I love a bunch of face masks. It's hard to choose a favorite. I like both sheet masks and more traditional masks (as shown lol).
  4. Beer
    It's great for your hair!
  5. Aveda damage remedy line
    One of the few shampoos and conditioners I can use. The other products I the line are great too.
  6. Beauty protector protect and detangle
    I'm pretty sure this is a birch box brand. It's great. Probably the best leave in conditioner I've ever used, and it smells like sugar.
  7. Batiste dry shampoo
    I always use cherry scented cause the can is cute. Honestly it's a much better dry shampoo than any expensive ones I've ever tried.
  8. TheBalm cosmetics
    I love everything they make but my favorites are the eye shadows, and various powders (blush, bronzer, etc.)
  9. Aveda dry remedy oil
    This hair oil literally moisturizes your hair from the inside out. It's magical.
  10. Mascara
    I like all mascaras. I've only tried one I didn't like. Usually I use drug store mascara because I use it more than any other makeup product.
  11. Lush honey I washed the kids solid soap.
    I use this as my antibacterial hand soap, since I can't use most liquid hand soaps. Honey is naturally antibacterial #savethebees
  12. Last, but not least, besame cosmetics lipstick.
    The founder of besame is a makeup historian and has created lipsticks Based on lipsticks that were popular through the decades, especially the 30s-70s. They're made in America, and made to be cruelty free for humans and animals.