If you do one of these things professionally, definitely avoid mentioning it if you don't want to seduce me
  1. Architect
  2. Children's book illustrator
    Soulful and creative but also responsible?
  3. Chef
    Feed me
  4. Pianist
    Good with their hands (also I used to play the piano and will always have a soft spot for classical musicians)
  5. Professor
    Hot for teacher
  6. Filmmaker
    Well-traveled with a point of view
  7. Ex-consultant
    Ambitious but "done with corporate"
  8. Lawyer
    Detail oriented and good with wordplay
  9. Actuary
    Practical application of complex math is something I am into
  10. But really: any job which you are knowledgable and excited about
    Passion for your career is sexy and so so important