I love food
  1. Pastrami on rye and fried potato knish
    Nursed through late night, meandering work gossip after many cheap beers/rounds of flip cup at a neighboring sports bar
  2. Avocado toast with egg
    Long solo brunch with a heavy book (A Little Life, Hanya Yanagihara)
  3. Wrap with scrambled eggs, bacon, onions, cheddar, chili con carne, and home fries
    Ultimate Seamless comfort order to fortify me for a night out, eaten on the floor (next to charging phone) while catching up on Girls
  4. Pasta with spring beans, basil, cherry tomatoes, olives
    Finally catching up with a friend over beautiful vegan food. Not pictured: beet salad, many really good vegetables on sourdough toast
  5. Pistachio and Mexican birthday cake ice cream
    Chased our artsy vegan meal with dessert. We came at night during the first really warm and beautiful New York spring weekend, so they were almost sold out of every flavor, but these were so so good. Mexican birthday cake was bittersweet chocolate with bits of cake in it. Also best pistachio ice cream either of us have ever had
  6. Crinkle fries with cheese sauce and Sriracha
    Craving something salty and junky when walking home from the subway; devoured with zero regrets while watching old episodes of The Office
  7. Gravlax and potatoes
    Reunion dinner with a friend from Norway, discussing how few Scandinavian restaurants there are in New York
  8. Swedish princess cake
    Ordered this mostly for the name/pictures I'd seen on Yelp, but was rewarded with the lightest, fluffiest layers of vanilla cake/heavy whipped cream/raspberry filling/marzipan. Eaten while recalling the most embarrassing series of texts I've ever sent