A lot of people I know abandoned resolutions this year or made them more broad, in an effort to be kinder towards themselves. But I like working towards some more specific goals, so here we go
  1. Embrace Pretty Winter™
    Born out of an old @manrepeller article I just discovered (http://www.manrepeller.com/2016/03/how-to-survive-winter-pretty.html). I work 12-16 hours days, 7 days a week during peak winter, and look like I've been through the apocalypse by the end. But I love pampering and want to practice more self care! Making a commitment to myself to do this!
  2. Yoga at least 3 times a week
    I just feel better when I go. I never regret going. I just need to get my ass out of bed
  3. List more and stop worrying about perfection
    Not every photo needs to be filtered!! Also, not everything I write needs to be analyzed three times before posting
  4. More cardio
    Ideally once a week, but I do currently no cardio that isn't fast walking to the subway, so really anything would be better
  5. Develop a consistent sleep routine
    After having many years without sleep problems, I am now having weird issues with insomnia. Trying to have bed be a tech free zone to prevent Netflix/online shopping/Instagram spirals
  6. Read 20 books this year
    I won an award for most books checked out of the library for several consecutive years in middle school, and now I've failed my Goodreads reading challenge abysmally 2 years in a row. This is the year I try harder to make it
  7. Buy less, buy better and clean out my closet
    I got slightly better at this this year, but I could improve
  8. Call my mom twice a week
  9. Write in my gratitude journal every day
    It makes me happy to look at old entries and even to reflect on the things I'm grateful for. Want to make it a habit to do this every day, several times a day
  10. Let go, check my temper, and breathe
    Holding on to things aggravates nobody more than it does myself