Slight hyperbole
  1. When you brush your teeth and then realize you are starving
  2. When you buy something cute and summery and it immediately becomes too cold to wear it
  3. When you're really looking forward to something you left in the fridge but someone else has eaten it
  4. When you get into a cab really tired/annoyed and Taxi TV is set at an improbably high volume
  5. When an album is only available for streaming on Tidal
  6. When you have a raincoat on but it turns out to be raining just hard enough that you regret not bringing an umbrella
  7. When you order food with a group and the restaurant leaves only your order out of the delivery
  8. When your internet connection is fine but Spotify decides it "Can't play the current song" anymore
  9. When TouchID doesn't recognize your fingerprint and you have to type in your passcode