An important and vital update
  1. For reference, this was my old one:
  2. Seemed misleading to have a photo where I was not wearing glasses
    I'm committed to that four eyes life
  3. I look 15
    Not that I look any older in the flesh—"you going to high school?" is a frequently asked question by the cab drivers in my life
  4. EDIT: Here is a Tinder message I received literally as I was typing this list
    Proving my point above, but more importantly: ":)"??? Okay, 25 year old man
  5. Too easy to see what I look like
    Why have an actual picture of your face when you could have a vaguely artsy profile image that gives a suggestion of your appearance instead?
  6. What the fuck am I doing with my hands?
    When I uploaded this picture (6am) it seemed vague and inscrutable in a cool way, but every time I look at it now it just looks like I'm in the middle of a seance
  7. Anyway, here's my new one: