Literally every good thing that happened to me in 2016

It's not a very long list but it's better than nothing
  1. Got a free book and a badass Ruth Bader Ginsburg sticker
  2. Went to NYC for spring break
    For the first time, too!!
  3. Saw a Broadway play for the first time
    Kinky Boots!
  4. Bought the first turtleneck I've ever loved
  5. Was Princess Leia in William Shakespeare's Star Wars
    FOR FREE. Courtesy of my favorite guy because I was too poor to pay. A few days of camping at the happiest place on Earth with my fave and his fam.
  7. Went to D.C. for the first time
  8. Starred in a short film
  9. Saw the world's tiniest penguins
  10. Went to The Gambia for a research trip
  11. Petted a crocodile
  12. Picked my own mangoes for lunch
  13. Made some cool friends
  14. Went on a photo expedition
    We almost got shot for taking this!!
  15. Hung out with some baby goats and also a mini horse
    This thing won't let me add both photos but just know that there were many goats
  16. Took a great photo by accident
    Recipe for a great photo: just hold your phone out a car window while driving down a back road and repeatedly press the photo button
  17. Finally wore that blue lipstick from middle school
  18. Bought a blaster for my Han Solo cosplay
  19. Drank a beverage from another country
  20. Went to Forecastle for the first time!
    For free! And got some cool fake tattoos. And tested a tattoo placement on myself.
  21. Saw a real astronaut suit that went to space at the Air and Space Museum
  22. Watched the new Star Trek movie AT THE AIR AND SPACE MUSEUM
    In IMAX 3D!
  23. Watched a friend do what she loves and do it really well and get fuckin paid for it like a fuckin BOSS
    She's a star and I'm so jealous of all of her costumes always.
  24. Saw Cheval Rouge IN REAL LIFE
    Yes I live in a city with another Calder piece but still ❤❤
  25. Saw Thrones: The Musical in Chicago (my favorite city) with my favorite guy and an awesome new friend
    Incidentally also starring someone I know who is getting paid to do what she loves
  26. Finally went to a fancy 20s themed event!
    The release of a new bourbon at the local history museum
  27. Bought a leotard and wore it all the time
  28. Started my dream blog (fashion AND health sciences) and posted regularly
  29. Went to work dressed as a Starfleet science officer to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek
  30. Starred in a music video
    And got to keep a fuckin cool wig!
  31. Finally got to a wear a cool colonial dress and GET PAID FOR IT!!!!
  32. Discovered a cool new café
  33. A guy at work drew a picture of me and gave it to me
  34. Carved my VERY FIRST Jack-O-lantern
  35. Jinkies! I showed up at work as Velma on Halloween!
  36. Finally did a spooky makeup-intensive Halloween costume
    Swamp monster! The actual costume photos did not capture my face as well
  37. Exercised my right to vote!
  38. Got more confident about wearing ties
  39. Downloaded a bunch more Sims 4 expansion and stuff packs
    That's supposed to be me as a Sim
  40. My hair got SUPER long
  41. Saw the new Star Wars movie at the advance showing!!!!
  42. Went out on the day of my birthday with someone other than family FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!!!!
    I turned 24. And that's some delicious eggnog my older brother made as manager of a hip bar
  43. Celebrated Christmas with my family
  44. Got a cool new hat
  45. Got fuckin BALLER new headshots
    Meagan Jordan. Hit her up. She's amazing.
  46. Managed to hold on to this guy for now more than 2 years
    He's cute, tall, blonde, funny, talented, and smart and I have no idea how he's stuck with me for so long.