These guys did good. Appropriate tracks done lovingly & at times surpassing the originals. (List in progress)
  1. Ken Boothe - Everything I Own
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    It was a thing in the 70s for reggae and ska artists to cover popular music. However this cover of eternally sappy, teenage girl delight band Bread was unexpected. Boothe managed to capture the sentiment without any of the residual saccharine, producing a truly touching moment.
  2. Jona Bryon - The Times They Are a Changing
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    Originally recorded in 2009, but made popular by its appearance in 2015 in 'The Astronauts Wives Club' soundtrack, this haunting yet warm cover updates Dylan's classic to the 21st century, showing, ironically enough, that nothing has changed.
  3. No Doubt - It's My Life
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    Recorded for their 2004 greatest hits package, this track was nearly a cover of early Depeche Mode's "Don't Change". Studio sessions for that didn't work out so well, but fortunately Talk Talk's 'It's My Life' fell into place easily, ensuring the band could pay a fitting homage to the decade that launched them into music.
  4. The Futureheads - Hounds Of Love
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    In the Hey Day of indie music (2004 - 2008), northern punks The Futureheads burst onto the scene with this clever, faithful and ironic cover of Kate's classic. It's almost better than the original. Almost.
  5. A Simple Twist Of Fate - Jeff Tweedy
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    Whilst Bob Dylan may be the most covered artist in history, not every cover (or genre) works. Recorded for the abstract biopic "I'm Not There", Jeff changed a significant amount of lyrics. The changes were extremely eloquent & helped bring focus to a sort of confused song