Mostly of the indie / old school / humorous variety. Might get round to doing a mainstream one soon.
  1. The Kills - Your Love Is A Deserter
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    Hince's wicked riff drives Mosshearts anguish over a lover that was less than selfless.
  2. The Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb
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    The only track on the list from the pov of the heartbreaker, Jagger shamelessly tells of how he uses the affection and attention of his suitor for manipulation and control. Charmer.
  3. TV On The Radio - Will Do
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    Dave Sitek knows how to be soulful and sexy with his yearning. One of the lesser self pitying tracks on the list, Sitek merely wonders and stipulates about a potential new love interest, despite realizing that the interest is not mutual. Heartache can be cool.
  4. Lorraine Ellison - Stay With Me (Baby)
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    Back in the 60s yearning sounded sexy and looked classy. Don't worry Lorraine - your track became a classic. It all turned out alright.
  5. Kodaline - All I Want
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    The first of the categoric unrequited love songs (see number 1), Steve and boys warble unashamedly, ruing the end of an affair and regretting their overwhelming affection was not returned.
  6. Kate Nash - Nicest Thing
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    Poor Kate always seemed to go after the guys who treat her poorly and never liked her back. This rose tinted list of accolades probably reflects more on her own character than the object of her affections.
  7. Mumford And Sons - I Gave You All
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    In their darkest moment of their debut, the boys put fury into their banjo twiddling and deliver up a storm of emotion over a girl who used Marcus and threw him away.
  8. Sufjan Stevens - Drawn To The Blood
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    No stranger to unrequited love, this time Mr. Stevens finds himself on the receiving end of unreturned affections.
  9. Noah and the Whale - First Day Of Spring
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    In a sweeping narrative detailing the end of a relationship, Charlie Fink expresses his undying love whilst finding closure in the changing of the seasons. It's sweet and hopeful.
  10. Vance Joy - From Afar
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    Few songs can be more categorically unrequited love song than this. A gay anthem when it was released, it also put Mr Joy on the map and shot him to YouTube fame and beyond.