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Wish people could be awed by your amazing dog, but too lazy to do much work? Then these tips are for you. These are easy ways to impress the heck out of people you meet and your friends.
  1. Use Hand Signals
    Dogs learn body language much easier than they learn spoken language. It is much easier to teach your dog to follow a gesture than a voice command, but most people don't know that. So when you stand there and make your dog sit, lie down, and roll over without saying a word, people will be totally amazed.
  2. Hold/Carry Their Own Poop Bag
    Teach your dog to hold and carry anything you happen to hand to him. If your dog is a natural retriever, this is very easy. Then all you need to do is hand your dog his own leash, or your wallet, or, yes, his own bag of poop, and ask him to hold it. People love it.
  3. Jump To Hit A Target
    This is an easy five minute trick. Hold out your fist, or a wooden cooking spoon or something and tell your dog "touch!". When your dog sniffs it, click and treat. Repeat until your dog figures out that touching this thing with their nose results in a treat, which happens within minutes. Now you can hold that target high in the air to get your dog to jump for it, then put it on the other side of a hoop to make your dog jump through it... And people will ooh and ahh at your amazing, athletic dog!
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Do you love Harry Potter? How would love to have a dog who response to Harry Potter spells instead of regular commands? Can you think of any more?
  1. Accio! (Dog comes to you)
  2. Aguamenti! (Dog makes water, by which I mean pees)
  3. Anapneo! (Dog sneezes)
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