Do you love Harry Potter? How would love to have a dog who response to Harry Potter spells instead of regular commands? Can you think of any more?
  1. Static
  2. Accio! (Dog comes to you)
  3. Aguamenti! (Dog makes water, by which I mean pees)
  4. Anapneo! (Dog sneezes)
  5. Avada Kedavra! (Play dead!)
  6. Colloportus! (Dog closes door)
  7. Confoundo! (Dog wanders in circles)
  8. Crucio! (Dog howls)
  9. Defodio! (Dog digs)
  10. Evanesco! (dog makes food "vanish"... By eating it.)
  11. Expecto Patronum! (Dog runs away from you and jumps on person you point to)
  12. Expelliarmus! (Dog drops item in mouth)
  13. Finite Incantatem! (Ends a stay or other prolonged command)
  14. Hominem Revelio (Dog uses nose to find hiding person)
  15. Impedimenta! (Dog sits)
  16. Imperio! (Dog imitates whatever you do, or you could use this for following a target)
  17. Legilimens! (Dog does nothing but you start barking)
  18. Lumos! (Dog turns on light)
  19. Obscuro! (Dog covers his eyes with his paw)
  20. Petrificus Totalus! (Dog freezes in place - basically a stay)
  21. Reducto! (Dogs knocks over some blocks or breaks through a paper covered hoop)
  22. Rennervate! (Another option to release from a stay command or after playing dead)
  23. Riddikulus! (Dog rolls over)
  24. Stupefy! (Dog lies down)
  25. Silencio! (Dog stops barking)
  26. Sonorus! (Dog barks)
  27. Wingardium Leviosa! (Dog jumps over hurdle or through a hoop)
  28. Voldemort! (Dog whines and hides his face)