Learning to drum? listening is just as important as lessons, practice and even gigging...
  1. Louie Bellson
    A great jazz musician who came at a time when Buddy rRch and Gene Krupa were making history. He is considered the creator of double bass. His strokes were as clean as could be. His trait to learn...Dynamics. The album to start with "dynamite".
  2. Tim Alexander (Herb)
    The drummer for Primus, Alexander is a master of time, both as a human metronome and in signiture changes. It shows when Les Claypool doesn't have him on the skins. His trait to learn...playing to a click track. The album to start with "pork soda by prinus.
  3. Neil Peart
    The drummer and lyricist for Rush, somehow he still was able to be highlighted and not lost behind monsters of their own instruments, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson. His trait to learn...using every percussion instrument that is needed for a particular song, no more, no less. The album to start with "Fly by night"
  4. Mitch Mitchell
    The amazing drummer for Hendrix. A master of funk, hard rock, R&B, and soul, all of which he had to play nightly. Trait to learn...genre bending versatility. The album to start with "Are you experienced,"
  5. Morgan Rose
    The hard hitting drummer for Sevendust. He is always current with his take on songs. He has developed his style over the years to include more and more changes and artistry. The trait to learn...playing musically in metal. The album to start with "Seasons"