Listening is a cornerstone to my drum lessons. and so many parents ask, what are some albums can my kid learn from? The real answer is that any music is music we can learn from, but there are a few that stand out for drummers...
  1. Rush - Moving Pictures
    It has a lot going for it from a learning perspective. There are long and short songs, songs in strait time, songs in odd time. One could say as the album progresses, so does the difficulty. "Tom Sawyer" is relatively simple compared to "camera eye" or "vital signs" near the end. It's iconic from a drummers perspective. You can't find a better song than "red barchetta" to learn dynamics. And likely most importantly it's fun! It can also be used as a warm up since it's just about 45 minutes long
  2. Metallica - and justice for all.
    Another iconic album. For newer drummers this is a great album for learning double bass basics and fast hand coordination. "One" is a nice tune for going from one slower speed to a much faster speed. The album as a whole is a stamina burner, so if you are getting into gig or tour shape, playing this everyday will help.
  3. The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper 's
    An album filled with basic beats designed to allow the songs to breathe. If you master the title track, "Lucy in the sky" and "when I'm 64" then you have a deep understanding of the foundation of drumming. Whether done purposefully or not, who knows, but the album is very rudimental. It takes the building blocks of drumming and evolves those rudiments into something more creative and technically sound. A lot of interesting percussion here or there too!
  4. Queen - live killers
    A double disc album of greatest hits at the absolute height of the bands popularity. What is great for students is that Roger Taylor is a phenomenal time keeper in live situations who doesn't use click's all his own. Plus you can't find a better group of tunes to learn beats from... "bicycle race", "we will rock you", "death on two legs", etc. It also shows how a band should work together on stage.
  5. The soundtrack to west side story
    WSS has so many different styles in it. Rock, latin, jazz, Classical and more. The best part is it switches seamlessly through styles. Drummers can really learn about how to write and arrange dongs.