Drumming techniques #1: accent patterns for better coordination and speed

All drummers can be more precise and faster. There are a few accent patterns I use with my students that I think everyone can do. Due to the style of text here, all of these are in 4/4. Each R or is played as a quarter note. If a R or L is capitalized that means it's accented (hit harder than the others). repeat each pattern 10x, no stopping!
  1. Rlrl/rLrl/rlRl/rlrL
    Hit accents on each number. Measure 1, accent on 1, measure 2, accent on 2 and so fourth. When you get faster with this, it gets tricky
  2. rlrL/rlrL/Rlrl
    Because of the accent in measure 2 and measure 3 plus the fact you are only doing 3 measures instead of 4 this can seem awkward but once learned can be developed into very cool set latterns
  3. Rrll/RlRl/Llrr/LrLr
    Sort of a play on the Paradiddle but not quite. Lots of strange sticking, but not as strange as it seems, once learned it will become easy and your left hand will thank u.
  4. Rrrr/lLll/rrRr/lllR
    This is about concentration and doing 4 in one hand then switching. It can take some focus, especially at high speeds
  5. R_Lr/Lr_l/Rl_r/_rLr
    The spaces are rests. This one is fun if you let it be. Take it slow