Greatest snare drums in history.

Maybe to the dismay of my wife and our bank account, I've had the pleasure of buying and selling various snare drums for 25 years. Now I can say which are the best and why...
  1. Ludwig black magic 8 x 15
    Note the size as I don't think all magics are the same. One can play a 14 x 5.5 and be completely disappointed. But the big one has great huge sound but can be tuned tight to be used for any genre
  2. Spaun acrylic snare
    Some are big, some small, some clear, some dense, some with etched flames, other with lights inside to glow. But all of them are simply the best sounding acrylic snares on the planet. Sorry ludwig and fibes. Best for funk.
  3. Gretsch 57 snare
    It's warm on the inside, and a looker on the outside. One of the sturdiest nares I've ever played. It's perfect for jazz but can go rock too.
  4. Tama warlord
    You want metal? Throw up those horns. It's a metal players dream. It cracks like a mother's whip on your bad sons butt...and it comes in various woods and metals and in various colors. It's best for....really?
  5. Pdp 805 side snare
    So you play in a band that does zeppelin, heart and the who but your diva lead singer wants to do 311. Say hello to my little 10x6 side friend. Nothing fires like one of these and actually compliments the entire 805 line of sets.
  6. Slingerland radioking snare
    It's the most versatile snare ever made. Though it comes from a distinctly jazz era, it can wrap it's sound around anything. Amaxing hardware especially for its time. And no snares ever looked as clean and beautiful. They are getting harder to find but if you find's like Pokémon go, just get it.
  7. Walberg and auge brass snare
    WA is a little known drum company but without it drums literally wouldn't be what they are now. They began in the early 1900s .They were the suppliers of drum gear to companies like ludwig. Pretty much any drum you got back then used their gear. And if that wasn't enough, they invented the hi hat stand. Recently they've begun making drums again, obviously different people but using the same techniques.