1. email my professor to tell him i won't be in class
  2. drive home singing at top volume for TWELVE HOURS (flooding, detour, traffic added three hours to my trip which was FUN AF) arriving home with half a voice left
  3. eat pizza from cici's
  4. make fun of republicans
  5. feel my soul dying as i attempt to utilize the wifi at my parents' house
  6. snuggle with my cat
  7. watch an epl game
  8. stress about the paper i turned in last week and wonder what my grade will be
  9. exchange roll tides with a red lobster waiter, much to the chagrin of my mother
  10. sadly wave goodbye to the lobsters unknowingly awaiting their doom
  11. talk my mom into buying me random shit at target (star wars monopoly, the 1975 on cd, and a special edition rolling stone about the best artists of the nineties)
  12. play a trivia game with my family that led to a lot of shouting
  13. play password with my family, which also led to a lot of shouting
    particularly when the word was "makeshift" and it took ten years and my mom was yelling "FORGET THE POINTS I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT THIS WORD IS"
  14. snuggle with my cat more
  15. have a dream about trump dropping out of the race
  16. play the trivia game again with my aunt and cousin who came over after my cousin's roller hockey practice
  17. check the fluids in my car with my dad
  18. watch ghostbusters with my parents
  19. wonder if my romantic lit professor was a clone of harold ramis
  20. go to the store to buy twinkies because of the scene in ghostbusters when harold ramis' character eats a twinkie
  21. more cat snuggling
  22. make a boring list about the boring things i've done in the last three days