1. Petit Fours and Punch
    For my 10th birthday, I had petit fours instead of cake. I also had punch made of fruit punch mixed with Sprite. The petit fours were inspired by the Samantha books from American Girl, which I was reading at the time.
  2. Where I Didn't Watch Jurassic Park
    This was actually for a friend's birthday. She had a sleepover and everyone watched "Jurassic Park" (the original; this was around 1994)...except me. For some reason I got it into my 10-year-old head that my parents wouldn't want me to watch it. I still haven't seen it to this day.
  3. Mystery Party
    For my 17th birthday, I hosted one of those mystery parties, the ones where you buy a game and everyone plays different roles. It was pretty fun...though I had to buy a teen one cause the adult ones were too inappropriate.
  4. Santa Monica Pier
    My parents took me to the Santa Monica Pier for one of my birthdays in the last decade. It was really fun.
  5. Mystery Dinner Theater
    For my birthday last year, my parents gave me 4 tickets to a Mystery Dinner Theater. We didn't actually go till the following February cause we couldn't get tickets before then. My best friend went with us and it was really fun.
  6. Dave & Busters
    My last two birthdays, we went to Dave & Busters. What a fun place!