1. Rarely does a phone notification make you happy, but this one did. (I'd seen Series 8 when it aired, but I was initially thinking of catching up before Series 9, which didn't happen, sadly). #doctorwho #netflix
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  2. I waited a long time for this game, and finally I convinced myself to buy it. I've been a Super Smash Bros fan since the original N64 version! #supersmashbros
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  3. I really liked this movie in theaters, so I was really happy when the DVD came out! #jupiterascending
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  4. I was pleasantly surprised that Netflix would let me watch Winx Club in its original Italian! #winxclub
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  5. I love this cause 1) I'm a Whovian and 2) it's so true! #doctorwho #timelords
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  6. I finally got my writing utensils organized recently; I felt relieved for some reason.
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  7. I had a lot of trouble downloading this recently from Sea of Serenity fansubs, but it finally worked. This was my first Anzamoon myu back in the day, so lots of nostalgia rewatching it! #seramyu
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  8. This poem was so beautiful...it's really a shame it was never recorded on CD, just on this video release. #seramyu
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  9. Wanted this for so long!! Thank you Upstart Crow for having it (and on my birthday no less!). #mythologynerd #bulfinchsmythology
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  10. Found this at Anthropologie in Fashion Valley. I love the Madeline books, and now I have a volume with all of them in one book!! #madeline
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