1. Being a little too thorough in my research of the Buffyverse
    I'm a completist when it comes to canons.
  2. This makes me feel better about how I feel about my writing
  3. Trying to find out how to get to the theater I saw "Only Yesterday" at from the bus stop Google Maps told me to get off at
    Unfortunately, by the time I got off the bus, my phone had died, cause my iPhone 4 has awful battery life, so this screenshot ended up being useless.
  4. I needed this reminder.
    Pocket Fuel's Instagram is great!
  5. The "culprit game" from the Shin Densetsu Kourin Fankan
    Katayama Sayuri, Ono Hikari, and Okuyama Momoko - the Sailor Starlights actresses from the First Stage of the Sailor Moon musicals that ran from 1993-2005 (and then revived in 2013) - reunited at the Fan Kansha (Fan Appreciation) event for Shin Densetsu Kourin, for the first time since they graduated from their roles. And of course, they had to do the famous Kinmoku "find the culprit" game they were famous for doing in the musicals they were in!
  6. Another reminder I needed
    From a Facebook group I'm a part of.
  7. I was a little too thorough with the Firefly universe too.
    I'm curious about the Whedonverse. Also the main character of this Doctor Who fanfic I'm writing is a Whedonverse fan (especially of Firefly) so I figured I better educate myself.
  8. This is so true.
    "Known or not, talented or inept, an author is always a bag of nerves." Yep.