1. Just lookin for someone to play Trivial pursuit with...
  2. Swiping right whilst keeping in mind Ted Bundy was good looking.
  3. Just a Diane looking for her Sam...(We don't have to end up together for it to be worthwhile!)
  4. There's a 95% chance I swiped you because I don't understand how this thing works.
  5. If you wanna talk Stephen Sondheim for 2.5 hours, hit me up.
  6. I respond well to proper grammar so please read over your messages.
  7. If you're nearby can you bring me a latte?
  8. Even if things don't work I'll knit you a real nice pair of socks.
  9. I'm a total prude but I watch HBO, so I know what's up.
  10. Don't judge me for the turtleneck, you're allowed to judge me for the mismatched socks.
  11. Just so you know I'll never love a man the way I love Roger Federer so there's really no pressure.
  12. If you've never seen Cheers and therefore did not understand the earlier reference, I'm really not interested.