Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. The Jackhammer
    Can be used for almost any song, preferably in the center of a "dance circle". For extra flare, knock on the dance floor and listen with your ear for signs of gold. Then jump on your feet and start jackhammering for the loot.
  2. The John Travolta
    Can be a saver, topper, opener, or closer during the night if you wanna impress your date with a little variety.
  3. The Shimmy
    You'll lose a few man-hood points for performing this one but it'll be worth the laugh from Aunt Lindi.
  4. The Moonwalk
    Billy Jean is bound to come on at some point and you will be ready.
  5. The Footloose
    Probably the one that gets everybody off there feet; you'll be rockin' people's socks off with this move.
  6. The Swim
    Again man-hood points will be lost but what else can you use as a filler for "Wipeout" by the Safaris?
  7. The Beat It
    Only to be used for Beat It.
  8. The Oompa Loompa
    Never do this one.
  9. The Can Can
    Try to gather the whole wedding party for this one. This move of the masses can jump the wedding reception up a couple notches.
  10. The Head Bounce
    Can be done sitting down before anyone is even on the floor. You can be eating cake during this one. Call on Me by Eric Prydz and What Is Love by Haddaway are ideal.
  11. The Twist
    Cuz everybody's doin it.
  12. The Shirt Helicopter
    Only to be performed while heavily intoxicated.