Hit or Miss Ad Campaigns

  1. HIT: Chik-fil-a
    As ridiculous as it is for cattle informing the public to consume poultry, this ad-campaign is quite effective. In some cases, it might not hit-home for us. Like I've never seen a cow parasailing from the sky, painting on a billboard, or even standing on the 26th floor of an office building elevator but hell I know now to spare every last cow there is. Because if they have the intelligence and kahonies to climb the ladder of a water tower, than my god I'll have the chicken for lunch.
    The good folks down at CHEEZ-IT or should I say, Sunshine Biscuits, LLC are attempting to convince the public that they allow their cheese ingredients to "mature". Although it was clever to find the double meaning of "mature", does the Baby Swiss CHEEZ-IT have to be a "permanent resident of the time-out chair?!" And what's the deal with only giving Mozzarella eyes?! For gosh sakes you gave White Cheddar glasses give him some eyes to see through.
  3. MISS: Windex
    As much as we all like 2 crows as celebrity sponsors, they actually appear to be criticizing the product because Windex' value proposition is affecting their lives in a negative way.
  4. MISS: 5 Gum
    As much I'd like my gum to teleport myself to a separate dimension, where from the looks of the high-tech environment, I'm training to be on the next mission to Mars, I'm still left feeling like I just watched a trailer for the next Total Recall movie.